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Bob and Pat Coto's
Little Home On The Net

"A genealogy web site of our Family Tree were some branches have passed and others are still living."
"Like this half dead or half living tree."

We are Pat and Bob Coto

Pat & Bob
About 1957

Married: Feb 14,1970

November 2011

Our Occupations:

I retired as of July 14, 2000 from Alan Jay Automotive Network, Sebring FL. I still do cabinet making and cut a few lawns.
Pat, retired May 15, 2001 as the Manager of Boat Correl, a Marine Dealership in Lake Placid, FL & from Lake Placid Feed and Western Ware store in 2006.

Our Hobbies:

Bob's are Genealogy and Woodworking.
Pat's are Cross-Stitching, Knitting and Reading.

We Would Like To Welcome You Into Our
Little Home On The Net
To Meet Our Family and Friends Listed On Our
"Web Page's"
We are very happy to have you stop in and visit with us. We truely hope you will enjoy your stay and maybe even learn something that may help you in your search.
You may find some ties to our family, while checking out our 377 Surnames that are Listed on 27 Genealogy Reports with some Family Photo's that can be opened in the Reports. We hope you will enjoy meeting our FAMILY & FRIENDS..... and we thank you for stopping bye and visiting; Please Come Back Soon!
Contact us at our e-mail address:
Bob and Pat

377 Surname's of our Family (A to Z) with 27 Family Genealogy Reports dating back to 1437 with family members pictured.
Check Out the Ancestral Tree of Robert L. Coto
Check Out the Ancestral Tree of Patricia M. (Bourdeau) Coto
Bob Coto's Gravestone Photo's
Bob & Pat Coto's Interests
Our Children and Grand Children
Meet Our Graduate's Beginning in 2005
Meet My Son-in-law “The Eagle Man” See his photo’s of the “Cutloose Wildlife Photography ~ Quabbin Eagles and More”
Meet Some Of Our Friends
Links to Our Cousin's and Genealogy Neighbor's
Genealogy Research and Home Page Development Links

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